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Kundalini Yoga came into my life when a friend lent me a DVD with the words 'I think you might enjoy this' she was right, I did, I loved it! I connected with it immediately, the energy generated by the exercises moved through me very strongly. Kundalini Yoga challenged me and stretched me and that was the start of my journey... I completed my level one teacher training at the Sahej Academy in Edinburgh with Hari Har Ji in 2014. It has brought changes to me, I feel centred, more joyful, peaceful and relaxed. I love sharing Kundalini Yoga and seeing this remarkable energy transform others. I hold regular classes and workshops in Carlisle, Dumfries and Brampton.

I moved from Carlisle to London in the early eighties to begin my career in Beauty Therapy. I was first introduced into Jungian psychology at a workshop which opened up a deep longing to understand more about myself and the subtler realms and the esoteric aspects to life and how we relate and connect with others and ourselves; this led me to study Astrology, Group Leading and Depth Psychology.

In time, ill health, depression and negative relationship patterns brought me to a place of desiring to heal and I entered Jungian analysis which brought me into connection with Energy Healing. The support and depth of the healings helped me to see and make necessary changes and I was able to take my life and health in a different and much more positive direction.

After completing my degree in Fine Art I went on to qualify as a teacher for adults. In 2002 I began my three year training with The School of Energy Healing. After qualifying I practiced Energy Healing in London and Kent and assisted on the schools foundation and modular training courses. In 2009 I was invited to join the teaching team at the School of Energy Healing to assist on their professional training course up to June 2012.

I bring a grounded, loving, safe and compassionate space to my work, encouraging people to deepen into their issues through surrender and loving acceptance.

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